Ms. Deepi Bector


“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.”

-George Washington Carver

For me, this quote encapsulates that education gives you the path to achieve your dreams. Education is freedom. Once you have achieved that freedom, the world is yours. Our education can be a magical key that determines our social mobility. Education provides us with a variety of knowledge and skills. This is a continuous, slow and safe process of learning, which helps us to acquire knowledge. It is a continuous process that starts with birth.


PP International School believes in practical-based learning, so we make our students learn by intending participation in the meaningful and practical learning process. Our core mission is to empower our students in such a manner that they act as the representatives of a meaningful and value-based society. At PP International School, the teachers enjoy what they do. The students appreciate the learning environment and the results speak for themselves. In a journey of learning, it is more to do about something within you rather than something outside of your control. We believe that parents are the first teachers, so the partnership is very important between an institution, parents, teachers, and students to create a province that sustains excellence.